TMB Files Charges Against Greg Burzynski and 2 More MDs

It is no surprise that Stan Burzynski’s son and heir apparent, Greg Burzynski, has been charged with a slew of violations almost indistinguishable from those his father faces with the Texas Medical Board (002 2014-12-23 COMPLAINT). Charges related to 4 patients are included, as well as a number of other infractions, including:

  • “Respondent [Greg] and other persons under Respondent’s direction and supervision knowingly misled patients by promoting Stanislaw Burzynski’s proprietary drugs as an attraction to bring patients to the Burzynski Clinic medical practice when he was aware that he could not legally include most of those patients in FDA clinical trials of Stanislaw Burzynski’s proprietary anti-cancer drugs.”

[For a case that is earily similar to these charges, refer to the story of Burzynski Patient Kathy B. Marvel as nobody in the office disabuses her of the idea that she will get on an authorized clinical trial until after she pays.]

There are also charges that the “medical practice model included Respondent’s conduct and conduct of employees under Respondent’s direction supervision that:

  • violated the standard of care;
  • failed to demonstrate an adequate medical rationale for evaluation, diagnosis and treatment;
  • violated standards of adequate documentation;
  • constituted inadequate discussion of treatment alternatives;
  • constituted improper charges for care, drugs medical supplies and other services;inadequate informed consent;
  • aided and abetted the unlicensed practice of medicine;
  • constituted inadequate direction and supervision of medical care personnel;
  • constituted improper delegation of medical tasks;
  • constitute inadequate disclosure of ownership interest in a facility to which a patient is referred; and
  • violated the ethical and professional responsibilities of clinical investigators.

Should Greg Burzynski lose his license, as would only be proper if the case is proved against him, it would be a fitting end to a short, ignominious career of medical adventurism and profiteering.

Read the entire set of charges here: 002 2014-12-23 COMPLAINT.

UPDATE (1 Feb):

It turns out that 4 physicians at the Burzynski Clinic are being pursued by the Texas Medical Board. One wonders if there will be anyone with a license left by the time these proceedings end.