Stanislaw Burzynski Compares Wronged Patients to “Prostitutes”

The front page of USA Today featured the results of an investigation into the claims of the Burzynski Clinic, and what they found was stunning. It is a complex story, and the reporter, Liz Szabo, gives both supporters and critics opportunities to contribute their perspectives. That said, the paper and its editors do a good job foregrounding the problems with patient testimony, something that other mainstream reports have overlooked.

Most important, I think, are the statements by Burzynski himself:

Burzynski dismisses criticism of his work, referring to his detractors as “hooligans” and “hired assassins.”

As for criticism from former patients, Burzynski says, “We see patients from various walks of life. We see great people. We see crooks. We have prostitutes. We have thieves. We have mafia bosses. We have Secret Service agents. Many people are coming to us, OK? Not all of them are the greatest people in the world. And many of them would like to get money from us. They pretend they got sick and they would like to extort money from us.”

Stanislaw Burzynski called his dissatisfied patients extortionists and compared them to prostitutes.