Burzynski Patient Kathy B.’s story

[Note: This story is video heavy, and given the formatting problems that storify has been having, we’re just going to do the story here, not cross-post it like we usually do.]

Kathy B. had breast cancer. She was diagnosed on February 15, 2011. She kept a video journal of her experiences at the Burzynski Clinic in August 2011. While this is an important story, like all the others on this site, this one documents what happens when you are at the clinic in rather fine detail. And what you see how the Clinic deals with patients. Watch the second to last video, Kathy’s consult with Greg Burzynski. He knows she has breast cancer, and notice what he does not tell her the entire time. We’ll put Kathy’s own comments ahead of the video so you can see what is actually going on and maybe get a sense of what’s really happening at the Clinic.

Kathy is a raw food chef. Here she arrives at the Clinic:

She meets Renee, the Clinic’s PR person. No. Menial. Job. Kathy reveals that her family had pushed her toward proven medicine. She believes that her diet will play a crucial part of her cure.

Renee: “We’re going to take such good care of you.”

We’re going to hold you to that.

In the waiting room, we meet Gloria, a stage iv cancer patient who can trace her path to the Burzynski Clinic through Susanne Somers to the person at the health food store. It’s so depressing.

Even though she has told Renee that she does not want chemo, even though Greg Burzynski should know that Kathy is not eligible for ANP, we see that she signs on the dotted line, with the predictable result. In her words:

Uploaded on Aug 29, 2011

I made this video in anticipation that I would be receiving the antineoplastons. Apparently after spending over 30,000 here I found out that the Antineoplastons are only reserved for brain cancer patients who have already undergone chemo radiation. FDA put this restriction on the Burzynski Clinic, so any other cancer patients are BASICALLY ONLY GETTING THE TRADITIOINAL ALLOPATHIC TREATMENTS OF SYNTHETIC ANTINEOPLASON PILLS THAT DID NOTHING FOR ME. HOWEVER I CAN SAY THAT THIS WAS PART OF MY PATH AND EVEN THOUGH I WASTED MY MONEY HERE I HAVE TO SAY THIS PART OF MY PATH LED ME TO WHERE i AM NOW. USING THE BLACK SALVE IS THE ONLY THING LEFT FOR ME TO DO.

It’s right there in the file, Greg! Look under “type of cancer” and then check it against your memory of the types of cancer that you can treat with ANP! Or maybe someone wrote it down somewhere! Then you can check to see if her cancer is on the list!

Or take her money. Great PR, Renee.

The depressing thing is that this rationalization trap gives the Burzynski boys a stay out of jail free card.  No, this is not part of your journey, Kathy. They could have been upfront. This was an unnecessary detour that made it harder for you to get other treatments.

Kathy stopped posting to her facebook page last year. She apparently posted something on her youtube channel about 6 months ago, and she sounded like she was still afflicted, but we have no information about how she ultimately fared. We wish her the best.

UPDATE, 17 April 2014:

We are very saddened to report that Kathy B. died in July 2013 from her cancer. Our thoughts are with her family.