Burzynski Patient Kenneth J.’s Story

*An appeal to encourage Congress to investigate this follows Kenneth’s story*

Kenneth was diagnosed with metastasized melanoma in June of 2010:

Let’s see, diagnosed in early June with metastacized melanoma. My liver at that time was 70% filled with cancer tumors and my spleen was even worse. It had spread to lymph nodes, ribs, pelvis and had invaded enough tissue to really scare me. Of course, my oncologist recommended chemotherapy to start immediately.

He did not want to do this, it seems, as his mother went through a lot of suffering with her cancer. He went on Gerson Therapy in mid-July, eating up to 20 pounds of vegetables a day.

In December of that year, he started a blog. In early February 2011, be began blogging somewhat regularly.

Having been on the infamous Gerson Therapy (GT) in some form since mid-July, which is composed of all-organic vegetables and fruits, mostly in the form of fresh pressed juices. I while on the full GT, I was consuming about 20 pounds of veggies and fruits a day.

By this time, the tumors seem to have spread to his brain, as he mentions on Feb 6:

I’m taking Dexamethazone to reduce the swelling of the tumors in my brain. It causes the excess fluid to accumulate in my feet instead. My feet are swollen from toes to knee and have prickly old man skin.

I’m taking Oxycodone to mask the pain of melanoma consuming by body like a bunch of rats that just found used cheese cloth.

On February 8th, he’s on his way to Burzynski’s Clinic. As he departs, he seems to be under the impression that he will be going on antineoplastons:

Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski has been doing leading edge, one of a kind genetic research on cancer patients through FDA approved clinical trials using antineoplastons.

Antineoplastons are modified peptides or proteins that have the ability to turn off oncogenes (cancer causing genes) and others that turn on tumor supressor genes (kills cancer cells).

Tomorrow, we go for my first consultation with with clinic, and we are exhausted from travel, but excited.

And then this:

I found out today that I will be here for Targeted Gene Therapy instead of Antineoplaston clinical trials. I did NOT qualify for the antineoplaston clinical trials because they are reserved for patients whose brain tumors originated in the brain. My tumors are secondary, meaning they are an extension of the melanoma metastasizing into the brain.

It’s strange that nobody mentioned this before the family went down to Houston. If anyone had said, “melanoma” to a representative in any conversation, they would have known that he would not be on ANP.

At this point, Kenneth’s cancer is everywhere, and he is wasting away. The next day he says something that is heartbreaking:

Ok, I’m back.

I have been afraid to go to sleep for fear that I would not wake up again.

And his visit to the Clinic is equally chilling:

We met with the Burzynski clinic radiologist today to see the scans. We went through the whole body. It was lit up like the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Square, I mean Broadway Marquee level.

After taking us through it he said it was “maximum involvement of melanoma, every kind of tissue, the most he had ever seen in a living human being.” After taking a moment to take that in I said, “Maybe I’ll set a new record for recovery.”

I asked him if he thought I can still recover, he said, “I don’t know.” My doctor, Associate Physician Sheryll Acelar, said the same, and added, “We are doing all we can.” She said Dr. Burzynski is working on my case. Among many others, of course.

He’s down for several days, until Feb 23rd, when he starts to feel good enough to blog again, but his small intestine is bleeding, and he’s going to have a cauterization procedure:

Most likely, this will be a permanent end to the internal bleeding, because Dr. Burzynski’s Targeted Gene Therapy and my working with the Light of God have the melanoma on the retreat.

On March 9th, he’s praying very, very hard. He is receiving hospice care at home, it seems:

Cancer Healing Affirmation

I ask for the Light of the Christ for the highest good for all concerned.

I picture myself enveloped in the flames of the Burzynski medications. The flames are burning all the cancer cells and the heat causes the white blood cells to multiply and come forth like an army.

Later the same day, he comes to a sort of realization:

Today I found myself giving up on my chances for recovery from cancer, but for no real reason. My friends had not given up on me, miraculous as it sounds. Yes, we are flying back to Prana tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean the Burzynski medications are not going to work for me. I will continue taking what I can of them and combined with my cancer healing affirmation I may be able to heal the cancer.

All he has left is mental energy, he says.

On March 24th, he shares a pie with some of his best friends. It’s his last entry.

Kenny died on March 31st. Burzynski’s treatments clearly did nothing to arrest his decline.

Usually, this is where we would put an appeal to donate to St. Jude’s. You may still do that, if you like, but we are now actively campaigning for an investigation into how the FDA decided to allow Burzynski not only to continue his ridiculous trials, but to actually get a phase III trial after a decade of abominable site visits. Go to thehoustoncancerquack.com and you will find the resources you need to put primary documents–the FDA inspection notes–into the hands of your representatives so they can conduct an investigation. All appeals to understand this made to the FDA have failed, so now we need to press the issue onto the committees that oversee the FDA. Please help us uncover what went wrong so we can fix it and so this never happens again. Find out about real clinical trials by visiting clinicaltrials.gov.