Burzynski Target Tracy B.’s Story

  1. Cancer quack Stanislaw Burzynski doesn’t even need to see a patient to inflict harm onto a family. The false hope that his antineoplastons offer can leave those who can’t afford his treatment with unearned guilt as the case of Tracy B’s family.

    In 2000, Tracy was in the end stages of brain cancer, which she had been fighting for 2 years. In his desperation, her husband frantically tried to raise the huge amount of money that it takes to get in the door at the Burzynski Clinic. According to the St. Petersburg times:

    “[…] Mrs. [B]’s husband, Gayle [B], had rallied behind his wife, raising $10,000 to send her to Texas to undergo a controversial cancer treatment that promised hope when conventional medicine offered none.


    “If only we had gotten the money a week sooner, we would have been out there,” Mr. [B] said Wednesday as he cried softly.”

  2. This man had no reason to feel guilty. Stanislaw Burzynski, however, does, but so far we can see no convincing evidence in the medical literature of his having a conscience.